RALLIES 2019 - Do Join in !

Please let us know if there is somewhere you would like us to plan to visit!
speak to a committee member if you fancy a go at organising and running a Rally
or even two!!

Sat June, 29 - 08:30 Bembridge Rally: 29th & 30th June
High water 10:30hrs More Information to follow we are looking for organisers for all the Rallies!
Watch out For more Information on this Rally
Is your name on the list.

Sat July, 13 - 08:00 Cowes Rally 13th and 14th July
High water 1000hrs: Is your name on the list? This rally is being organised by Peter Lowry Why not organise a rally yourself?
List is up in the tea Room

Sat September, 7 - 08:00 Folly Rally 7th & 8th September could be a few drinks on this one
High water 08:00 hrs

We are looking for an organiser for this rally! Could it be you?
Is your name on the list.