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Thu January, 21 - 00:00 S O L D - Generator- Hyundai HY3000Sei - HX149
The HY3000SEi is the electric and remote start version of the HY3000Si, giving the user the option of starting this inverter generator via the turn of a key, or remotely from up to 20 metres away using the remote control £300.00. I paid RRP at £770.00

A bargain for only £300.00 - Contact Brian Frampton 07974 440594

Thu January, 21 - 00:00 For Sale - 2 x Blakes bronze sea cock/through hulls 3/4 "
Call Brian T on 0773 495 2170, brand new in boxes, cost £125.00 each, will sell for £95.00 each.

Thu January, 21 - 00:00 For Sale - Tender - well restored - good condition - Fast
Call Brian T on 0773 495 2170, £185.00

Mon February, 1 - 00:00 S O L D - 18ft motor boat (Owned by Roy the painter)
Looking for £1,000 Contact the club,, we will pass any offers to Camilla
It was insured as an island plastic. Roy did a lot of work on it recently and it's a fibre glass boat with an inboard engine.