Commodore Steve Smedley Steve with his wife Jackie have been a part of the Club for many years, he is keen that the ethos of the Club remains with lots of participation and involvement by the members. Steve has worked as a Committee Member, Moorings Officer and later as Rear Commodore. Steve and Jackie joined our club with a 17 ft day boat, they consider our Club has enabled them as a family to grow, develop, to gain experiences that many could only dream about and want all Members have the same opportunity. He is keen that if Members have any suggestions, questions, concerns or worries his door is always open.  
Vice Commodore Jamie Bugg Jamie has a keen interest in sailing, he has now withdrawn from the IT side of things although remains interested in supporting committee members and those seconded with all matters relating to the club IT systems and social media. Jamie's family enjoy sailing and his yacht Jay is a regular at the Club Rallies. Jamie's prime role is to support the Commodore, committee members and sailing/boating matters.  
Rear Commodore Iris Davis Iris has agreed st step into This very important role after Malcolm Howard and to resign for personal reasons.  
Hon. Secretary Barbara Mcloughlin You All know Barbara she is a long time member and as of late has been running our Bar  
Hon. Treasurer Sue Maginn Sue returns to the Role she filled several years ago, familiar with the club accounts package she is keen to ensure the accounts are administered accurately and are easily audited.  
Hon. Mooring Officer Wayne Leary Wayne has a motor boat. He will allocate moorings and advise on suitability and their upkeep. He can help with advice on lines and warps and pickup lines etc.Lulu the club launch is Wayne's responsibility, used to maintain moorings and for emergencies he has a team that can help on the water.  
IT Specialist Brian Teare Brian brings many years of IT experience to the Committee, Brian developed the Club Website and integrated our Database with the club accounts package. He has a deep understanding of how the clubs IT systems work together, He will continue to ensure the Committees wishes are published and completed through the Clubs internet and PC systems.  
Yard Manager / Work Partys Brian Frampton Brian has been a familiar face at the club helping with various tasks in and around the yard, he now joins the committee with a keen interest in making sure the Yard is kept up together.  
Security This role Is currently being covered by our Vice Commodore Jamie Bugg    
Membership Secretary, Social Media and web Admin Ken Dickens Ken owns a Draco 2500 motorboat, Cleopatra originally known as Sagaries was brand new in 1981 and has been at our club since delivery then. Ken has over the last three years spent much time and effort restoring her after a four year lay up. Ken is the person you need to turn to for any membership questions, concerns or problems, He takes care of most of Facebook input including events adverts and artwork, He also keeps all the information on our website up to date.  
Editor of Waterlines the Club Newsletter Joy Squibb Please email Joy with any relevant articles or anecdotes and Stories

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IT Hardware maintenance (non Committee) Richard Dickens Richard owns a Mitchell boat/fishing boat. Richard looks after all of the clubs computers and network equipment.  
Internal. Examiner (non committee) Patrick Conem A previous Hon.Treasurer, Patrick is continuing his role for a second term. He is keen to support the Hon.Treasurer and keep a trusty eye on the clubs finances.  
Internal. Examiner (non committee) Dave Wheeler Dave is a keen boater and has an eye for detail, Dave enters his fourth year as a club auditor.